Get unblocked.
Clarify your direction.
Take your next step.

Coaching for professionals who want to stop procrastinating, quit feeling burned out, and create a thriving, fulfilling career or business from the inside-out.

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your life or career?

No matter how good things look on paper… 

Or how high you’ve risen on the career ladder…

Maybe you’re feeling tired, unmotivated, or like something’s missing.

For example…

Do you...

  • Feel burned out, anxious or stressed out from balancing work and life?

  • Feel trapped in your career or relationships like there’s no way out?

  • Want more freedom to live and work however, whenever and wherever you want?

  • Feel hypervigilant and are always looking out for the next thing that can go wrong (e.g. losing your job, not having enough money to pay your bills)?

  • Not believe you’re good enough to have or do what you want in your life?

  • Procrastinate or have trouble sticking to the things that light you up?

  • Have a hard time trusting your own instincts, or trusting other people?

  • Feel like you’re living on autopilot, and lack meaning, joy or direction?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not alone.

Many professionals, leaders and business owners struggle with hidden blocks that impact their ability to thrive in their careers, relationships and everyday lives.

You're in the right place if you are...

drawing of me as a trauma coach working with a client

A corporate professional or leader who wants to feel more calm and confident in their career

You’re in good hands! I worked a corporate career in UI/UX design for over a decade, most recently as an Associate Director for one of the biggest consulting firms in the world.

So if you’re feeling burnt out or lost, I I know the feeling. Designing the unique things you can do in and around you to get unstuck can change the way you live and work forever.

drawing of a woman who has worked with a trauma coach, sipping coffee and smiling happily as she works on her computer

A skilled worker who wants to take your current abilities and make more money in less time by starting your own business

Curious about the freedom that comes with breaking out on your own?

It’s a perfect way to create space for healing and rest without having to “start over”. Today, I’m able to work whenever I want, wherever I want around the world, and I want to help you create that freedom too.

drawing of a rested and peaceful woman who has worked with a trauma coach, looking up with her eyes closed and arms behind her head

Ready to get crystal clear on your purpose for your life and career, even if it means doing something completely new

Perhaps you don’t want to just feel better where you are. You want to live bigger and more authentically.

Together, we can design your life with the right combo of intuition and strategy, so you can stop living without a map. You’ll finally learn how to make everything you think and do lead to your ideal life.

Together, we’ll collaborate to uncover the root causes of your challenges and develop personalized strategies that align with your values and goals.

So how do you start? By getting out of survival mode.

When the patterns and beliefs that kept you safe in the past show up in the present, they could cause you to put up with work that doesn’t inspire you, and relationships that don’t nourish you. 

Being in “survival mode” makes it difficult to…

• Have a clear sense of purpose or direction in your life…

Navigate conflict and discomfort in your work and relationships…

• And take action toward your goals without burning out or shutting down.

Hi, I'm Karoleen...

I’m a certified trauma-informed coach, artist and copywriter.

If what I’ve shared so far resonates with you, you’re in the right place. Your patterns, behaviors, and reactions have been your mind and body doing their job to keep you safe.

So even though you may not be feeling great about where you are right now, know that you made the best decisions you can, and it’s never too late for a change.

In my case, childhood physical and emotional trauma kept me in survival mode into my adult life. On the outside, I excelled in my corporate UI/UX design career for over a decade, but I didn’t feel right on the inside…

That’s because a life that’s built on survival is full of the wrong goals, burnout, apathy, and the endless need to escape.

I never thought I could have a life full of purpose and joy, but I figured out how to make that happen…

And I’ve created a process to walk you through so you can have the chance to do the same. You deserve it.

Real Clients, Real Results

Hear from Mark

Mark chatted with me about his coaching experience and how working on his nervous system helped support him in his work at Apple.


It is amazing how much I achieved in the three months of coaching with Karoleen.  Her gentle compassionate nature made it easy for me to be vulnerable, introspective, and get clarity on what is important to me. 

As a result of coaching with Karoleen, I was able to take critical steps toward career goals that felt overwhelming and impossible.  Karoleen helped me calm my anxieties, question my self doubt,  and inspired me to break through my limited thinking and create the career that I am now totally in love with. I am eternally grateful!


Karoleen is a caring, patient and thoughtful coach. Throughout our coaching dialogue, Karoleen attentively listened to my feelings, needs and desires. I felt heard and encouraged. The questions Karoleen asked me were provoking and effective, and the coaching guidance she gave me was helpful and practical.

By the end of our conversations, I was able to gain a better understanding of what I was actually looking for, and worked strategically to build a useful action plan to achieve my business goals. I appreciate the engagement Karoleen provided me, and recommend her trauma coaching services to anyone who looks to connect, improve, and build.


Karoleen is an amazing coach! Her calm, grounded presence makes you feel comfortable right from the start. 

In our coaching sessions, Karoleen created a safe and trusting space where I could bring deeper issues to the conversation without feeling judged or embarrassed.

Her skillful questions helped me explore problems in my life from different angles and together we worked through layers of emotions as well as thought patterns that were not serving me and replaced them with healthier and more resourceful approaches.

Altogether, I had a very good experience with Karoleen and I highly recommend her as a trauma informed coach to anybody who wants to heal and create a better life for themselves.


What I really enjoyed about working with Karoleen was her presence. I recall how I felt with her: peaceful, safe, grounded, clear, and hopeful. She intentionally creates a space that allows those emotions to be realized. My biggest takeaway was “I am enough” just as I am and “I am capable” to respond to my life. I am more confident about my ability to navigate all the “unknowns” that still exist around an imminent life transition. 

Karoleen helped me to identify tools that I can use to restore and/or recreate the peace, clarity and groundedness that I often experienced in our space. In one session, she captured some of the key attributes and values, that I identified about myself and my work. 

Her ability to listen and mirror back to me a myriad of beautiful “golden nuggets” was awesome. I recently reflected on the list and was able to use it as a source of inspiration and reorientation of the truth about who I am. Karoleen is trustworthy, authentic, and operates in integrity.  She absolutely delivered on her promises to “walk along side of me… help me see… unlock the answers in my heart… co-create what was best for me”. These are not just catchy words on her website. They are foundational values in her practice. 

Photo of me in front of NYC skyline

When you live the purpose you define, you inspire others around you, and the world becomes better because you’re living the life you actually want to live.

Get out of survival mode and start living

I work 1:1 with clients for 12 weeks at a time. Whether you want to ease that chaos or monotony your current career, gain freedom in a new business or take a leap into a the unknown of a more purposeful life… we can work together to remove your blocks and move you forward.

Follow along: @karoleend.coaching

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