You are not your past.

Traumatic events can leave an imprint that causes patterns, behaviors and beliefs in you like thinking you’re not good enough, lovable, or worthy. But you are, and you always have been.

You may want a more enjoyable career, more connection in your relationships or more overall happiness but feel held back by self-doubt or overwhelmed by emotions. I’ve been there. You are not alone in the challenges you face, and the isolation, grief and pain you may be feeling from living with trauma.

As a trauma informed coach, I understand how trauma can affect us mentally, physically and emotionally on a daily basis. This understanding is key when helping you set and work on goals for your life.

My job is to walk alongside you and help you see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, and that you already have everything in you to create the beautiful life you deserve.

When you get in touch with your emotions and live in alignment with your values, you’re able to face the world more strongly, confidently and happily. I believe in you. Let’s do this together.

What exactly is trauma?

Trauma is what you experience mentally, physically and emotionally as a result of a traumatic events. Trauma isn’t the event itself.

So, traumatic events like childhood physical/sexual abuse can influence…

…your mental/physical condition, and your thoughts and feelings about yourself and the world around you.

This leads to choices you make and actions you take today that can impact your future.

So, traumatic events like childhood physical/sexual abuse can influence…

…your mental/physical condition, and your thoughts and feelings about yourself and the world around you.

This leads to choices you make and actions you take today that can impact your future.

The impacts of trauma can be difficult to identify sometimes. However, even patterns like procrastination and imposter syndrome – which are considered common in our society – can be linked to childhood experiences. Trauma can also manifest as chronic pain, insomnia, and other physiological conditions.

Why work with me?

Working on goals in isolation can be discouraging and exhausting especially when the persistent feelings of shame and self-doubt can so often stop us in our tracks.

I know that feeling very well, and there were times I believed something better simply wasn’t meant for me. But I don’t believe that now, and I don’t believe that for you either.

Unfortunately, the daily experience of complex trauma survivors isn’t often understood, so my aim is to take that understanding and reflect back the strength and power I see in you. It may not feel like you have that strength and power now, but you do.

Using mindfulness, polyvagal-informed tools and trauma informed coaching, we can identify what keeps you stuck and create a path forward together.

And having come from over a decade of design and research to help individuals and companies strategize their next moves, I know a thing or two about taking complex info, teasing out meaningful nuggets, and helping you craft your authentic path forward. 🙂

We can explore how to...

  • Get in touch with your emotions and intuition so you can define your purpose.
  • Be your authentic self in your life and work.
  • Navigate challenges and life transitions.
  • Fully self-express and set boundaries confidently at work and in your relationships.
  • Say no to burnout and create a balanced life that’s in line with your values.
  • Release creative blocks and move forward with your businesses, projects and passions.

I will...

  • Provide a safe space. All information you share is 100% confidential and I will take in your words with empathy and a listening ear.
  • Guide you. You are the leader of your own life, and you already know the answers in your heart; my job is to help you unlock them.
  • Tailor my work to your unique needs. Everyone has their own goals and life experiences, so we’ll work together to co-create what works best for you.

I will NOT...

  • Try to fix you. You are not broken, and you never were.
  • Assess (nor assume) your past, process your trauma or diagnose mental illness. Coaching is not therapy.
  • Push you before you’re ready. You lead, and I partner and strategize alongside you.
  • Judge you. You’re a whole human who deserves respect.

Let's work together

Choose Yourself
12-week 1:1 Program

Compassionate coaching in a non-judgmental space, so together we can work on goals that are uniquely tailored to you.

Waitlist is available.

– A complimentary 1-hour Discovery call
– Weekly 50-min 1:1 coaching calls with me via Zoom for the 12 weeks
Lifetime access to supplemental video lessons
– Weekly exercises and assignments to put this work into practice in between sessions
– Unlimited email support Mon – Thu

Email me to learn more.

This 12-week program is a time for us to work solely on you.

Each week unfolds as a journey with themes and supplemental video content, so you have solid structure. You’ll also work personally with me each week so you get the individual attention you need to meet your unique goals.

We’ll focus on nervous system regulation, values-based goals, identifying and living your purpose, and trauma informed methods for addressing productivity, habits, boundaries and more.

I’ll help you gain more clarity on your life and career path and strengthen skills that improve your work and relationships.

This is for you if…

You’re ready to get out of your head and into your body to define goals for your life that are truly aligned with you.

You want to take steps forward in your self-discovery so you can create major change in your career and relationships.

You want to stop playing small and fully go after what lights you up.

This is NOT for you if…

You’re looking for a shortcut.

You just need quick tips and tricks.

You’re not in a place to do deep work, and challenge the thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you.

Program begins June 28. Limited spots available.

Email karoleen [at] karoleendcoaching [dot] com for more information.

Who I've worked with

drawing of various people who have worked with a trauma coach including an artist painting, parents, young adults, and entrepreneurs

Whether or not you’ve experienced traumatic events that are affecting your life today, something in you has been holding you back. That’s ok, because you’re human! 

I celebrate your desire to make a change and I also commend you for all that you’ve done to live the best life you can so far, especially if you’ve experienced painful events in your past.

I’m honored to have had the experience of helping others move forward with grace and confidence. Some of the amazing people I’ve coached include:

  • High-performing professionals wanting to realign their careers
  • Creatives wanting to further their artistic pursuits
  • BIPOC wanting to find their voice in a challenging world
  • Parents wanting to balance passion, their relationship and family
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to step into their full confidence
  • Empaths wanting to embrace their emotions and vocalize their true spirit

Does this sound like you?

A few words from my clients

A few words from my clients


My goal as your coach is to help you make positive change and take action in the present to set up for a great future.

As a trauma informed coach, I understand the nuances and challenges of living in the present with trauma and how it may show up in our coaching sessions. I take this into account when helping others, but unlike therapy, my work doesn’t involve the processing and resolving of trauma or traumatic events.

While coaching is effective on its own, it’s also a really beneficial complement to therapy.

If you have some awareness and insight of your trauma already and would like to seek out strategies and tools for accomplishing your goals, coaching can be a great fit for you. We’ll assess what you want to create for yourself, what’s holding you back, and how you can move forward.

Coaching is not a good fit if you are currently experiencing a crisis. My recommendation in this case would be to work with a trauma informed counselor or therapist.

Unfortunately, no. Insurance does not cover coaching.

CPTSD stands for Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It results from repeated experiences of traumatic events, such as physical and sexual abuse, childhood trauma, bullying, narcissistic abuse, neglect, etc.

Symptoms are similar to PTSD (flashbacks, hypervigilance, etc.) and also include additional symptoms such as poor self-esteem, lack of identity, and difficulty regulating emotions.

Though CPTSD isn’t currently an official diagnosis in the DSM, many trauma survivors (including some of my clients) resonate with this condition.

While I’m passionate about helping fellow complex trauma survivors, being one is not a prerequisite to work with me.

You have the power to decide whether you identify as a trauma survivor or not. You also have the power to decide when and with whom to share your story.

The most important thing to look for in a coach is whether you feel safe with them, and safety is very important to me.

If you feel ready to work in a goal-oriented way, to create new habits, and identify + pursue what lights up you, fill out an application form so we can see how we can move forward together!

You can email me at karoleen [at] karoleendcoaching [dot] com.

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Life coaching is not a replacement for counseling, medical / psychiatric treatment, or any form of therapy. Please speak with a medical professional or therapist if you need help with a medical condition. Coaching is a process between coach and client in which we discuss goals and strategies related to topics such as work, relationships, family, health, business, and your interests. How you decide to incorporate coaching principles into your life is your choice. While I do my best to support all my clients in our work together, no results are guaranteed. Coaching services and content on this site are provided by Karoleen D. Coaching, an entity within KD Art and Design LLC which is a New York limited liability company.