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I’m Karoleen, a trauma informed certified coach helping complex trauma survivors… professionals… leaders… and entrepreneurs stop procrastination and burnout to gain clarity and purpose in their work and lives.

If you’re feeling stuck, or lacking a sense of purpose and joy in your work or relationships, I know the feeling because I was there too.

But after years of working with childhood trauma’s impact on my mind and body, I’ve been able to create a life with more connection, free time, energy, meaning and creativity.

Four years ago, I left my full-time career in UX/UI design, so I could…

• Start my own coaching and copywriting businesses
• Make more space for my art in my life
• And leave NYC after 10 years to travel full-time with my partner as we explore the world one city at a time.

It’s a life I’ve always dreamed of and I’m passionate about helping you design whatever life lights you up too. 

No matter your trauma, history, patterns or beliefs, you can – and deserve to – create the life and relationships you’re excited to live every day.

I took the biggest lessons I’ve learned during my journey and share them with you in my step-by-step 12-week 1:1 coaching program, so you can take your next leap too.

Through this program, I’ve helped my clients:

• Quit jobs that didn’t light them up so they could start new careers or businesses they love

• Set boundaries and improve their communication skills so they can have more peaceful relationships at work and at home

• Create systems and processes that their nervous system can actually handle so they stop procrastinating or burning out


This unique program includes:

• A complimentary 1-hour Discovery call
 12 weekly 50-min sessions via Zoom
 Video content lessons
 Weekly exercises
 Unlimited email support 

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My education and experience:

  • TICC, trauma informed certified coach from MTHS
  • Polyvagal-informed training and nervous system regulation education by leaders at the Polyvagal Institute
  • JRNI coach certification (now Lumia)
  • 15 years human centered UX design/research at design studios, start-ups and McKinsey & Company
  • BA Art, UCSB, 2008

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