Filipina on the Rise: Nervous System Regulation Workshop Reflections

1. Access the handout and make a copy to your own Google Drive:

2. For Part 3 of the exercises, listen to the meditation here (the link is also included in the handout):

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Like many people, I value freedom. 

But freedom is hard to achieve when you’re burning or numbing out in a life or career just to  make it in our capitalistic world.

Throw in present-day work stressors and trauma from past events, and it becomes even more challenging.

So when full-time workers ask me how I was able to break free from my corporate career in UI/UX design, do work I love as a coach and copywriter, all while traveling the world…

I tell them it started with a process that required plenty of inner work to leave my job, take the skills I already had to start my own thriving freelance business, and open up space to re-design my life in an authentic way.

trauma coach seated at a coffee shop table working in her journal

It’s been over five years since I left my full-time career to see what else was out there. 

Since then, I’ve made more money in less time without having to deal with any of the stress that comes with corporate work…

Lived in an exciting new state or country every month for the last two years…

And freed up my time and energy so I can make and sell more paintings + volunteer my expertise to work on projects I’m passionate about.

I’ve put everything I’ve learned and done in one book so you can adopt my process and create freedom for yourself too.

It’s called, The Embodied Freelancer.

From inner healing, to tactical business strategies even any new business owner can do…

You can finally gain the confidence to start working for yourself without sacrificing your income or energy.

Sign up for the waitlist, and I’ll let you know when the book is live.

I can’t wait to tell you about it!

To your freedom,


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