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Sharing my story is about you, not about me.


As you’ll see, your past doesn’t define you. And it doesn’t predict your future.

My hope is that by learning about the transformations I’ve had in my life, you’ll begin to see what change is possible for you, too.

Whether you’re in your 20s… feeling lost in the world as an adult… or a seasoned professional wondering if, 

“Is this all there is?”… 

Know that those places were very familiar to me. The good news is they don’t have to last forever.

Childhood trauma caused me to play small for decades (even when I thought I was playing the “game of life” correctly).

And whether or not any physical/emotional/verbal abuse is what’s causing YOU to feel stuck in your life or work today…

It is never too late (or too early) to design the life you truly want to live.

So let’s get to it… here’s how doing my trauma work changed my life.

I went from (and you can too!)…

  • Growing up a shy, introverted, scared child in others’ eyes to… 
    Becoming a confident, compassionate leader and speaker in my corporate career.
  • Feeling intense shame about my past (without even realizing it) to…
    ot feeling much about it at all, and simply seeing it as a closed chapter in my life.
  • Numbing my emotions (a common trauma response) to…
    Being able to name and FEEL every emotion in my body (without them overwhelming me).
  • Being afraid to leave my “shiny, secure” decade+ career to…
    eing self-employed since 2019 doing work that I’m passionate about.
  • Experiencing unexplainable aches, pains and illness due to stress and anxiety to…
    Feeling pain-free and more alive in my body on a daily basis.
  • Having a strong avoidant “attachment style” that made me reject love for years to…
    reating and nurturing a healthy, harmonious relationship with my partner.
  • Feeling stuck in “the rut” of paying rent, commuting, etc. in NYC (I love NYC though!) to…
    My partner and I taking our businesses on the road and exploring the world full-time.

And most importantly…

Not loving myself to… Fully accepting myself, flaws and all.

BUT… the work never ends.

I have more transformations ahead of me, more fears to befriend, more goals to achieve… 

WHILE also being here, now, content with what IS. 

As a woman, person of color, and first-generation American, I have a unique blend of experiences that shaped me… and so do you.

Once again – your past doesn’t define you. Each moment that unfolds, you get to choose.

What will you choose next? 

Whatever you do…

Choose yourself every day, and see how much brighter the world gets because you do.

Trauma can make it hard to hear your real voice within. I’m here to help you, so you can use your power to live a life that’s truly in alignment with you.


Education and experience:


I’m a Trauma Informed Certified Coach (TICC) with training from Moving the Human Spirit, as well as coach training from JRNI, both wonderful ICF-accredited programs. I’ve also received polyvagal-informed training with the Polyvagal Institute.

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logo for Moving the Human Spirit trauma coach certification
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Alongside coaching, I’m a fine artist. I received my B.A. in Art from UC Santa Barbara in 2008, and continue to show and share work in NYC and LA. Visit to learn more.


I’ve also been a UX/UI designer for 15 years. Currently I run my own design business, focusing on human-centered design for healthcare and technology. Previously, I’ve worked for various design studios, tech start-ups, and McKinsey & Company as an Associate Design Director. I’ve mentored, coached and led teams, and help my clients achieve profound results in our work together. Visit to learn more.